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Prepaid phones usually consist of simple cell phones or normal feature phones, so we're always pleasantly surprised when a smartphone is made available for prepaid carriers.

You wouldn’t necessarily know that at first glance because a lot of pieces feel cheap and too plastic-like. ) headphone jack have cheap-feeling flaps that look and feel gross.

The fact that Boost Mobile has me writing this review is sickening in itself since I left the last phone company for not giving me the freedom to make choices on my account as well as the upgrade policies.

When purchasing my 1st phone with Boost after having been a faithful customer in the "Chirp days" I am highly disappointed.

After the 1 million day wait (that's how long it felt ) I was told when purchasing an upgrade that I would have to pay an activation fee and approx 30 in taxes bring the grand total for a 199.00 phone to 275.00???

I wouldn't recommend Boost Mobile if you're looking for freedom from one of the bigger companies because it's a lot of small print.

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