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SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Field 'topic_last_poster_name' doesn't have a default value [1364] SQL INSERT INTO phpbb_topics (topic_poster, topic_time, topic_last_view_time, forum_id, icon_id, topic_approved, topic_title, topic_first_poster_name, topic_first_poster_colour, topic_type, topic_time_limit, topic_attachment) VALUES (2, 1320058382, 1320058382, 6, 0, 1, 'testing', 'Quiff Boy', 'AA0000', 0, 0, 0) BACKTRACE FILE: includes/db/LINE: 175 CALL: dbal-it's probably worth giving you a bit of background:- the site was running phpbb2- i uploaded a copy of phpbb3 to a new folder and ran the initial v3 installation- i then logged into the fresh v3 as admin and imported the v2 forum data- i then moved hosts, so i logged into phpmyadmin and exported an sql dump of the v3 tables and data- on the new server i imported the sql dump, and then ftp'd up the v3 forum scriptsyou can browse the forum ok, and can log in and out, but when you try to create a new post you get the above errorhas something gone wrong with my export/import?

it looks to me like the export didnt define that table's default values.

if that's the case, it may have omitted all the other default values for required fields... or is there something wrong with the phpbb installation?

The RSS can enable in both of the php BB2 and php BB3 through this Smart feed mod.Live previews of all styles are available in the Styles Demo. Kodowanie UTF-8: Uyj UTF-8 jako domylnego systemu kodowania Ta opcja pozwoli bazie danych i forum uywa midzynarodowego systemu kodowania znakw UTF-8. This query: SELECT ID_ATTACH, filename FROM `overtistest`.strawww_attachments; Caused the error: Unknown column 'ID_ATTACH' in 'field list' Moe kto pomc? A zakodowane hasa si niczym nie rniy, bo porwnywaem je. Wystarczy w pliku logowania doda instrukcj if, ktra bdzie porwnywaa hasa. The benefit of the RSS feeds publishers by leasing them association content mechanism.A consistent file format of the XML permits the detail to be available once and illustrated by many diverse applications.

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