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In some cases they have been given names, such as ‘Bes’, who Professor Szpakowska compared to Roald Dahl’s gremlin characters.Ahmed Bakly of the Giza prosecution said in a statement that the clip had “disrupted morality" and called for the arrest of Reda's boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki, who also appears in the video.She didn't want women to blame themselves for being sexually harassed or to be shamed into silence, so she created a webiste that catalogues everyday stories of women being sexually harassed.Sexual harassment is a serious problem throughout the world, but in Egypt, the issue is especially widespread.A recent study by the nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment found that 65 percent of the women it surveyed in the United States say they have experienced street harassment at least once in their lives.Now more and more women are speaking out against sexual street harassment.

Roberts has also received numerous rape threats, but there has also been an incredible amount of support. British woman speaks out against everyday sexism After experiencing sexual harassment on a London bus and being shocked by the fact that no one on that bus stood up for her, Laura Bates decided to speak out against everyday sexism , which she believes is often considered socially acceptable.

Shaimaa Selim called bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is one of the doctors treating Eman and Saifee Hospital “liars” , and claimed they had “put Eman on massive medication to stop her brain activity”. She cries at night and she’s not able to talk or move at all,” Selim said.

Doctors shared a video of Eman’s physiotherapy, where she is seen lifting weights and moving her arms effectively.

When the project started in 2010, people would deny that harassment was an issue, she said.

A database of Ancient Egyptian demons — featuring dog-headed humans, walking suns and strange hippo-lion combinations — has been created to help experts work out what they are.

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