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You know, when my parents came here, they even went to that, you know how at People’s Park, you can put your son’s or daughter’s resume up there to find a match. But apparently I wasn’t good for the market because I’m considered a foreigner here. The ones who say, ‘Hey, one night with me…’ Or they want threesomes. But you look in the West, and now, there’s less of a need to feel that you need to do that. *** Pride5 starts this Saturday the 15th with a Pride5 run, picnic and opening party later in the night.

But if you were partaking in an act of sex that you believe to be actually consensual, would you feel the need to continually ask for permission in this way?

work really hard to promote an inclusive, sex-positive mindset in what we read and write: We believe once you’re an adult, your decisions are entirely your own, so long as they are consensual and don’t harm anyone else.

But sometimes we come across something that is so…what’s the word…

We met and spoke with one of each of the city's L, G, B and T members to get in on some of this awareness action. Linda, 33, was raised in Holland and moved to Shanghai straight out of college after a Forbes 500 company headhunted her and brought her over.

I told my mom, and she said that it was just a phase.

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